Souls of Destiny!

Advancing to Fourth Level

We survived Korvosa!

We had spent a little over a week Korvosa exploring different parts of the city.

First, as a group, we dropped off our worldly treasure at the Bank of Abadar. We have a key and a bill of deposit that must be used to regain these items. We also sent to the Three Rings, a very swanky inn, to spend our first night in the city. After the first night, we moved over to the Whitecaps, an inn that was much more within our means.

Both Justin and Emily spent most of their time researching in the library at Theomanexis magical college. Justin was studying magic in this realm. Emily was learning about the history and prophecies of Korvosa. They made friends with Ewis Ferry, a student at Theomanexis. Ariel, the librarian at Theomanexis college, and sort of the unofficial Headmaster, is an acquaintance of theirs as well. They also stopped by the Gold Market to upgrade their wardrobe.

Dave spent a bit of time in Bookmaker, looking for maps of Korvosa. He then joined Neal in his quest for citizenship.

Neal developed several alter egos. First, as “The Hawk” he went around the city wearing a hawk mask given to him by the Shoanti mystic. He visited the Temple of the Eternal Flame and made friends with the priestess of Sarenrae, Bryla. During this visit, he also agreed to go to the jail, Citadel Volyshenek. He met a thief, Ebed, who informed him about the thieves’ guild in the area.

Second, he developed an alter-ego as an applicant to citizenship in Korvosa. He decided to pick up these papers so that he could make copies of citizenship papers for the entire group. “Hawk” also made an appearance at breaching day, where he and Justin made contact with the Czarny, the Varisian mob by bumping into the Korvosan mob leader- Rowill. They also made friends with Neleazor, a local half-elf adventurer looking for places to put her sword to use.

During Breaching Day, Emily and Dave also attempted to make contact with wealthy Korvosans who were looking for adventurers to send on quests. They only succeeded in meeting the courtesan of a local mobster, Lyka, and Dave made friends with Bawd, a captain in the city guard.

Both Lyka and Rowill indicated that the Czarny would have work for the adventurers. The group decided to pursue this lead, and landed a job carrying unknown cargo through the Vaults of Korvosa. Neleazar latched on to our group, and joined us for the Vaults mission.

While going through the Vaults, we encountered the ruins of the old city and a beggar city. We also ran into a Sphynx that offered to transport us back to our own world, but we would have to pass her test.

After that we encountered, and neatly dealt with a Troll that appeared to be guarding death row prisoners under the judicial building of Korvosa. Dave proved extremely handy with his shield. We were able to get a small pouch of gems for our effort.

Following the map, we managed to avoid most trouble, outside of a brief encounter with a succubus and Incubus. We were able to drop off our cargo with an eccentric, but incredibly powerful Enchanter.

After that encounter, we all felt as if we had really learned a lot about the city and ourselves. Emily decided to learn a bit more about Sphyxes. Neal picked up his citizenship papers. And the rest of the group pursued ways of getting adventures outside of Korvosa.



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