Souls of Destiny!

Day Five: Found their hideout...

This isn't as fun as it is in video games...

And I thought the floating head crunching on my side was bad… man that hurt.

So, long story short, we found the goblins. We got up, and followed the river south until we got to a big lake. Not Michigan-sized … I doubt it’s even Lake Geneva-sized, but not small though. Emily used her apparent eagle eyes to see smoke coming from some islands on the western side. So we circled around to get a closer look.

Once we got closer, we tried to come up with a way to deal with the goblins. It was the first fight which we were intentionally getting ourselves into, but then again, that’s why we came out here in the first place.

The best idea we could think of was to lay a trap. We “made camp”, lit a fire, etc. When several goblins came to investigate, Neal even made the sounds of us sleeping. Neal and Emily hid in the bushes and trees immediately by the camp, while Justin climbed a tree and found the apparent perfect perch. Meanwhile, I took a position about 30 feet away from camp so I could charge in.

There were five goblins which came in (of which we only saw four). They came in and started stabbing the cots when we attacked. Heh, by the time I charged in, two were down, and one was writhing in pain.

So of course when charging, I ignored the ones on the ground, so got tripped when one tried to take a hold of my foot. Kept my balance, but my sword swing was off. He went down quick, but then we had the one in the distance to worry about who took off. I chased him a decent amount in the night-time woods. Neal did his “flames of aginoth” wall of fire across its path, which stopped it in its tracks. As it tried to run around it, I was able to catch up to it. Spent a few rounds of me trying to fend it off, but it successfully slashed me across my chest on in my leg. Eventually, Neal finally reached me and stabbed it in the back.

Guess this is what I do now…

With Neal’s help, I limped back to camp. Justin was trying to talk to one. He tried to convince it we were friends, but we have no idea if we actually did or not. We eventually let it go, but put Neal’s scorpion in it’s pouch before it left.

It definitely went back to the islands. The scorpion apparently told Neal that it found the camp, and is hiding on the big island (there was one island bigger than the other two).

What to do next? Attack now, with surprise on our side, but have us still exhausted from the last fight? What if they can see in the dark? The one I chased certainly wasn’t struggling to find out where to go… Or do we wait until morning. They’d known we were coming, but we would be better prepared for a fight. And who knows, they could stay up all night waiting for us…

So we agreed. Of the three islands, we went over to the first one. Swam (not great for my gashes, but it’s not like we had a choice), while we used one of their boats to keep our gear dry.

Set up camp. Didn’t want to have a fire in case they saw us, but Neal had the idea of a “hole fire”. Dug two holes, linked em together underground, built a fire in one. Worked like a charm. He and Emily are going to stay up the night.

Big day tomorrow. Have to raid the goblin village, and they’ll know we’re coming. My leg hurts like a bitch still, and we’re intentionally going INTO battle??

Such is life, I guess.



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