Souls of Destiny!

Day Four: Venturing out...

To complete a quest, no less... and yes, I'm being serious.

Having spent a single night in the closest thing to civilization (Fort Thorn) that we’ve found, we have decided to return to our forest homeland. The cot in the inn was too soft, too comfortable for our liking. The food and ale too tasty.

In truth, we’re poor. We ‘accepted a quest’ (a phrase I still feel strange saying honestly) from Sir Jared to rid the region of some fairies. I know I alluded to it before, but we’ve taken it on. In concert, we’re also going to try to get the gear back from some merchants (Barnell Vesk & Simin, from a place called Chillax) who got ambushed on the road up to Fort Thorn from Corvosa by some “Roseblood” sprites, or fairies.

Before you start to giggle, these fairies(according to Barnell) aren’t like Tinkerbell – from the sound of it, the seem to be more like gremlins (like from Gremlins the movie), but with wings. They may not have wings, I don’t know.

They are led by a fairy called the Duke of Roses (who apparently took over from another fairy or gremlin called the “Rose baron”.

In exchange for us completing this ‘quest’, we get gear to go out and do the quest (weird, but we got nothing, so we had to ask) and free stay for as long as we’re here (presuming though, we don’t stay too long). From the merchants, they will give us 100g if we return all their stuff, and 50g if we provide at least half. It’s a start, but at least if we do this, we’ll actually have some room to prosper, or better yet – find a way home.

So here we are. A few hours away from the fort, we found a dead body – presumedly the guard which Barnell and Simin said was useless. Apparently when they were attacked, he chased after them. Then when they stole the now unguarded cart, he chased back after them, and got killed. His death helped the merchants to survive, so I’d like to think his death is worth something.

We found the tracks to the cart, and followed them back to a bridge we had just crossed. The wheels to the cart were taken off … I’m guessing so it could float down the river? River wasn’t too wide, maybe 20-30 feet across? Couldn’t be more than a few feet deep usually.

We ended up following the river for a ways (staying on the east side) before making camp. Neal and I kept watch all night. I saw a gorilla (or large … nevermind, I’m gonna stick with gorilla) in the middle of the night. We got ready to wake everyone else up, but it went its own way down the river so we let it go. Will definitely keep an eye on that area though, but I think we’ll be fine.



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