Souls of Destiny!

Day Three: Fort Thorn

This ain't no Sunflower Valley of Rainbows...

Well, we found civilization – a “Fort Thorn”. Personally, it doesn’t look all that fortified … at least compared to the forts and castles that I’ve imagined for this time period. The buildings do look like something out of Skyrim, though, so at least there’s some I can kinda recognize. Main hall, barracks, an inn, towers with guards… Hey, I’m not complaining, especially with the nights we’ve had so far.

Speaking of, we ran out of food the morning after the first night, so we had to get some of our own. Justin’s actually pretty good in the wild. I caught some fish using a net, some silvery-looking giant minnows! Not only that, but it’s a net that Emily made using her twine (man that cloak has been useful). Felt kinda proud of that moment… Water was sooo cold!

The terrain around here reminds me of Turkey Run state park – rocky, hard to traverse at times, more deciduous forest now instead of the evergreen pines we saw before. Have made our way slowly but surely, but no-one’s twisted their ankle, so that’s good. Then again, I’m not sure how much that would hurt here. My side’s itchy now, and its all scabbed over (thank God it’s not on my leg, or somewhere that I can scratch – then it wouldn’t heal for a while longer).

On the second night, I got to have a glimpse of the sun set behind the mountains. So I think we’re going North, since they’re on the west of us. So that night I got to use another one of my spells called Keep Watch – I’ve programmed it (for lack of a better word) using the command “performAllNighter”. Icon’s currently a crescent moon, but I’ll perfect it later.

Then I learned the downside of it – I stayed up all night … or at least most of it. Emily and I stayed up chatting while Neal and Justin slept. She wanted to make cloaks, beds, a tent, etc. for everyone, but twine holds up only so well. We decided on mats, as anything is better than the rocky dirt below us.

Middle of the night (guessing 2am or so), some giant centipedes decided they wanted a midnight snack. We were able to get everyone up and ready for the fight in time though, with Emily’s cat’s help. Man they were disgusting, like those freakin’ millipede thingies that come out of the drains! Gonna have nightmares about that for a while. One came after me and one after Neal – he was as disgusted as I was, probably more so since he was first hit.

Emily threw a flames at it and burnt us, but it helped to drive them away. That hurt almost as much as the centipedes did. She said sorry, but everyone’s still getting used to their “powers”, and with how fast we’ve been healing, it’s no big deal. At least I hope not.

Neal and Justin, having just woken up to a fight, we’re not going back anytime soon, so Emily and I let them stay up the rest of the night. Had a nightmare about floating heads jumping out of the water like salmon.

Then today we found three woodsmen – Jeff, Innis, and Barry. They were not real chatty, which was understandable. I tried to befriend them as much as I could. Neal stayed safely in the shadows though. I tried to tell them that I was alone, but used “we” too much. I’m not good at bluffing.

They eventually took us to here, Fort Thorn. It seems well guarded, even if the wall is probably weaker than some of the richer house walls in Evanston. We met with Sir Jared Tolgrith, who tested our story – eventually believed us, but I think both parties are skeptical, understandably so.

Looks like we may get our first quest – there’s a “Duke of Roses” fairy who’s banded a group of them against us (I know, this is crazy). Them and some goblins are bothering the fort. We’ll see – not sure how much I want to go out there, but we’ll run out of money soon.

Oh yeah, and it turns out we’re in a place called “Bloodsworn Vale”. I know, right? Why couldn’t we be in a place called “Poppyseed Forest” or something. Tomorrow’s going to be very interesting.



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