Souls of Destiny!

First Night

Justin's here ... so it's raining. (Dave)

It’s somewhere after 3 in the morning. Oh god, that’s the witching hour, right? What a time to think of that. I’m supposed to, well I am, keeping watch with Emily. We can hear the rain coming down somewhat, all of us scrunched under a pine tree. We’re staying dry, so that’s something at least.

Emily’s knitting from her endless cloak of twine … looks like a bag at this point, but it could be a hat. Either would be helpful now, though I doubt she’s doing it for practical reasons. Neal and Justin are sleeping a few feet away. Every so often Neal makes a sound, and Justin snores a tad.

My back hurts from sleeping on the ground. Lord knows I was tired … still conked out quickly, though it might be from the blood-loss.

So here’s the thing. I know I told you about getting gnawed at by floating heads. Hurt like a bitch at the time, but now its just itchy. Feel a bit better, though how some bandages did that is beyond me. Feel a bit like I’m in Last Action Hero where if I fire a gun it’ll blow up a car… kinda hope that’s true, but then again, I’m not sure if I want to test it.

We got into another fight after the floating heads. While I was still recuperating, some man-sized things (swear they were orcs, like from LOTR, but uglier and 7ft tall!) came upon us. Justin hid real quick (surprising), and Neal used some spell to hide us in a fake column. Justin caused them to hear some sounds way back the way we came from, so the two orcs started running that way. Probably saved our lives.

But then we met up with two other orcs, and there was no column or sounds to keep them from noticing us. Neal casted some spell “Flames of Aginoth” or something, causing this fire to appear between us and them. Was pretty cool, even if they did jump through it. I fought one of these giants, but I was really really lucky, cause he couldn’t fight for crap. Maybe he has the luck that I do… Neal stabbed him in the back eventually.

It’s good to know that when push comes to shove, I did try to be the protector. Anyways, we quickly made our way out of there. We went up lots of stairs and ended up midway up a mountain. Not the tallest mountain, definitely not like the Rockies. We could be in the Black Hills… in some twisted parallel universe, but it might be Earth.

Lord Byron’s tower lay in shambles way up on top of the mountain. Which is good because it means that we are probably not a priority at the moment. We followed a trail down to the woods near a waterfall. There’s some fort or town or something a day maybe … 50 miles away? Hell, I dunno. We just saw some smoke.

And so here we are. Neal says there’s a tortoise-sized hermit crab by the waterfall, but I didn’t see it. Several more hours of night left… wish I could see the stars … that would be a good indicator of where we are.

Time to look at my spellbook, see what I can figure out…



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