Souls of Destiny!

Transition to 3rd Level - David

So over the course of those days, my mind went a lot of places. I was updating the code for my shockSaber spell, cleaning it up, trying to reduce it’s casting by a few milliseconds, etc. when I decided something – I was going to write my own spell.

It wouldn’t be a spell in my spellbook (as that requires a special procedure and materials), but it would just be something for me. I opened my compiler and started typing. It was to be called “helpingHand”. Just something small to help me practice my swings – help me spar, etc.

At first, it didn’t do anything … then, given the language, I started to get somewhere. I would cast it, and I would see my sword wiggle (was actually pretty cool, when you think about what I was doing…). Just like the compilers I’m used to, it would start predicting what I would want to use. Eventually, I got it to the point where if I just thought about my sword swinging, it would do so, without any input from me!

While dragging the canoes, I came to another realization – that I should trust my reflexes. This body is (will always feel weird to call it that) used to this land, used to using a sword. It knows what it’s doing a lot more than I do.

Once we got back into town, I took the time to enter two new spells in my spellbook… all by myself – stareDown, and jubilee. Should be interesting…



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