Souls of Destiny!

The beginning...
1st night (Justin)

Or was it day? I’m not certain because I awoke in a dungeon. What first seemed like a terrible dream has proven all too real. A lich (we think) abducted our minds and forced them into parallel dimensional duplicate bodies. It seems the former minds of these new bodies have been transferred to our old bodies. My guess is Kara will ultimately prefer the confused but more chivalrous ‘me’ she has just inherited. Before he could exact his ‘revenge’, the lich was obliterated by a dog headed Egyptian god thing named Markleonin, who told us that basically we could be awesome in this new world of magic or go home and return to our loser selves.

If that was the intended choice, then the decision point never quite manifested itself. Now we are trying to escape the dungeon. So far we’ve battled goblins and shit eating floating heads. We also talked for a moment with a jerk-store ranger whose name I cannot recall but apparently played a big role in bringing our bodies to the lich. If i see that guy again I am going to mind slap him.

The goal for now is to figure out our place in this world, and ultimately how much we belong here or whether our efforts should be focused on going home. Personally, I intend to break the time space continuum with my new mental powers and return home (with lots of gold) to the night I left so I can be rich and see my son grow up.


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