Souls of Destiny!

Day Nine: Back in Town

Lessons Learned

Sorry it’s been a bit. We’ve just been exhausted from taking the canoes up the river back to the fort. That and I’ve been thinking a lot. I think we all were, as there wasn’t much talk during that time. When we rested, we’d eat fish or rations. Then we kinda went into our own little worlds to wind down for the night.

I’m not sure what they did for those few hours, as I was trying to understand my abilities a little more. It’s weird, I have my memories, but the muscle memory of the me from here… Learning to trust it more, especially since this past week is the first time that I’ve really swung swords. Ironically, I thought throwing my shield would be more natural, as I equated it to playing disc golf… but the muscles were foreign to the movements – like throwing a ball with your left hand when you’re a rightie.

For the rest of my story, click here.

We got back to town on the afternoon of the third day. From there, it was just finishing up. We talked to Jared and convinced him that we had killed the Duke of Roses. Somehow we convinced him that, because we had killed a dragon which was about to take up residence outside his fort, he would pay us an extra 100g a piece!

Then we went to tell the merchants that we had gotten all their stuff. Just as they promised, they gave us 25g each for returning all their stuff., Overall, a very worthwhile 3 days.

So, to sum up, we got:

  • 100g each from killing a dragon
  • 25g each from getting back all the merchant’s loot
  • 200g from the eight bags of gold we got from the Duke of Roses’s stash
  • Wand of Fear w/ 20 charges (which Emily loves)
  • 1 potion of invulnerability (stoneskin)
  • 1 potion of spider-climbing
  • 2 cure moderate wound potions
  • 5 cure light wound potions (in exchange for a clerical scroll we’d have to get looked at elsewhere… wasn’t worth it, especially for some healing potions)
  • scroll of protection vs. magic (as 6th level anti-magic field w/in 5ft) – That’s all Justin…
  • scroll of abjuration (5 spells)
    • protection from arrows (2nd level)
    • magic circle vs. chaos (3rd level)
    • dispel magic (3rd level)
    • dispel magic (3rd level)
    • break enchantment, transmutations, and curses (5th level)

On top of all that, we have a chest of gems which we need to take into the city to get appraised. From the feel of it, we’ll be okay…

…as long as this Korvosa is on the up-and-up. We’ll see.



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