Souls of Destiny!

Back in Veldraine

Fireday, Sarenith 4, 4707 AR. It’s morning after our second night at the Chained Pirate in Veldraine. Neal and Justin are still asleep; I’m still the early bird among us, even after getting as drunk last night as I have in a long time. It’s weird; alcohol doesn’t affect us as much here… I mean, we still get drunk, but hangovers are not nearly as bad. I’m usually a lot less functional, and only have a slight headache. Which is the only reason I can write this…

So… the last thing I remember talking about were the bugs and zombies in the cave, and how we interrupted the coitus of the queen mother and her king … or whatever. We were taking a break before heading (hopefully) out on a raging underwater river.

We stuffed all the thasallmoss that we’d been gathering in some barrels we found, as there was no room for it in the large canoe that barely fit the four of us.

An empty post sat beside the canoe, which hopefully another boat was tied to. So we had at least some hope that most likely, while dangerous, this route was an exit route of some sort.

Once we were all in and the barrels placed and linked to the canoe, we were off.

Now I had never been through rapids. Justin gave me some tips, “watch out for rocks beneath the surface”, “if there are falls, don’t get sucked under”, etc., but there was only so much we could do as the entrance was not that large … maybe 10 feet wide, 7 feet tall?

I had one pole, and was in charge of keeping us on the right track ahead. I already had my lightEmUp spell going, sending out the four lights to in a runway lights fashion. Justin was behind managing the barrels to make sure they didn’t snag on anything or break on the rocks we passed. Neal would watch out for rocks and tell me which way to go. Grimmik, being a dwarf (apparently) was not really a sea-faring sort, so he just held on, “stabilizing” the boat.

We didn’t start off well, as I was trying to do too many things at once. I hit my head (leaving a nice-sized bruise in the smack center of my face) and my lights went out. Neal took up the light show, leaving me to just push off the rocks. After that it went fine. Justin had no problem looking after the barrels.

Until the falls. We emptied out about 20 feet high above a pool. I’m not sure what happened between then and when I surfaced – all I know is that Neal and I were scrambling, Justin was treading perfectly, and Grimmik was farther down with the boat (triumphantly telling us that we should’ve stayed with the boat).

After gathering ourselves, we began the long trek back to town. We decided that while it might take a bit longer, it’d be safer to travel by the shore.

At around dusk, we came upon a fishing village. We had some freshly cooked crab while Justin told the story of the “Cave of Stirges”. He told it pretty well, and made us sound like heroes. Maybe we were…

After dinner and story, a fisherman named Brul offered to take us the rest of the way (as he apparently had “nothing better to do”). We arrived in Veldraine around midnight, exhausted. Grimmik got the moss to Val and the church, while we just relaxed at the “Chained Pirate” inn. We had a drink or two … then immediately crashed.

Next day was a blur. We had an “official celebration” for the elite which started around noon. Merchants, the church, everyone high up seemed to be there. Could tell the merchant representatives were forced to be there … they put on a show and clapped, but they dismissed us when I tried talking to them. Most others were happy that we came back, and we did our part to play the heroes. Though it felt very political.

Justin decided that would be the best time to put on a show, as he zipped up in the air … flying. As surprising as it was to see, we kinda expected it. He’d heard stories of a flying spell and told us over and over again how much he wanted to fly. We just didn’t know he could actually do it.

Lord Mayor Clemente presented us as the “Talons of Markleonin” … Justin’s idea. We’ll see how it takes – not sure what the dog-headed paladin (or whatever he was) would think of it, but whatever.

He gave us some kinda “gifts” … those for the team of three that he had hear: a warrior, archer, and mage; so armor for me, a longbow for Neal, and a nice robe for Justin. Only one of us who got any use of it was me, who traded in the (much too) heavy plate for a half-plate.

After that, we skipped out of the party and went back to the inn, where apparently the real festivities were. From what I remember, there was lots of drinking and dancing. I remember Justin going off with an elf chick. Neal was still up when I crashed.

So here we are. I think we’re still planning on going to these ruins that Justin theorized about…



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