party treasure

Party treasure and misc Loot

  • ceramic jug with stinky goo and a malevolent gem inside (Justin)
  • 5 cure 2D4 + 2 light wounds potions
  • 2 cure 4D4 + 2 moderate wounds potions
  • Eyes of the Eagle: +5 bonus to passive perception / advantage to perception rolls that rely on sight (Neal)
  • Feather Step boots: Ignore the effects of difficult terrain (Dave)
  • Tonguestick: Holder has comprehend language (Emily / Party)
  • Spear of Abbadar: +1 Spiritbane weapon, with specific property to cast dimensional prison on eagle spirit Guardian in the Mindspin mountains

Deposited in the Vault at the Bank of Abadar

  • 613 gold total for escorting traders to Korvosa
  • chest of Gems

party treasure

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